Christopher M. Barra

  • Christopher M. Barra, M.S., EAbarnes001004 jpg opt100x100o 8,0s117x100

  • Over 40 years in tax practice

    Masters Degree Wealth Management

    Enrolled to Practice before the IRS

    Author: "Enlightened Regressivism"

    Author: "Financial Survival 101"

    Author: Income Tax Program

    Prepared over 10,000 Tax returns

    Youngest CFP in Massachusetts years ago

    Earned Stock Brokers License - never sold a stock

    Providence College, Providence Rhode Island

    Co-Host Award winning local Cable TV Investment Program - 3 years

    Judo Black Belt, registered Kodakan Judo Institute, Tokyo, Japan

    If I don't know the answer, - I will find it.

    Decades of experience.

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