Investment Education

Here at Barra Tax Service we cut through the crappola you hear from so many "financial planners" . We don't sell any investments, so we have no ax to grind. The following topics have been selected to help you understand the realities of investment planning from a technical standpoint - rather than the sales pitches most of us hear every day from neophytes trying to separate you from your money.

If you want sound, unbiased advice, get it from someone who knows what he is talking about, and is not interested in what you do - That's me. I hold a Masters Degree in investment management, and have written a book on the subject as well as all of the articles on this site - , but I admit that I don't care as much about your money as I do for my own - so I offer information you can use if you want - if not, I will get over it . Whatever you decide to do doesn't increase my income. I offer this information because it enhances my tax practice. If you want me to analyze your portfolio and help you arrange an investment strategy, I have to charge for that because it does take a bit of time and although I am a nice guy, I don't work for free. Your cost would be only a fraction of what you might pay the other guys and you would learn how to do it yourself. Other than that, I have no self-interested motivation in what you do with your money because I don't really care.