Investment: The Expert

The Financial Expert


We hear him often and believe every word

In print he’s granted much clout.

It’s not often one says "That’s absurd!"

Cause’ he knows what he’s talking about.


He’s erudite, well dressed, some say inspired

Awards all over his walls.

He glibly explains what’s just transpired

After the stock you bought falls.


The funds he touts don’t always perform.

Was it I who thought they would?

I’m sure his must exceed the norm.

I must have somehow misunderstood.


He spoke of a looming stock market crash,

"Protect your capital gain".

Or did he say "Invest, get out of cash!"

Why I don’t get it I can’t explain.


But I think he said something not long ago

Contradicting his words today.

It confuses me, but he should know

If he is the expert people say.


Political turmoil affected some stocks,

But not in the way he predicted.

Either my head is full of bituminous rocks,

Or the expert’s been falsely depicted.


I am now more aware of disparities,

As I recall his words week to week.

I’ve avoided financial fatalities

By doubting the expert’s double-speak.


Some forecasts result in true precision.

Statistics would dictate they must.

But we now must offer just derision

Of the expert in whom we all trust.


Is he so smart and so very well read?

Is his logic both sound and clear?

Or is he judged not by what’s done or what’s said,

But by how many people will hear?

Christopher M. Barra, M. S.