Tax return cost?


I get this question a lot from new people. I am happy to give anyone a price quote, but first, perhaps I can save us both time and money. You should think about whether or not it is important to you to contact me, - you might decide that you don't want or need me. Take a couple of minutes to read and maybe you will find out...

Tax situations differ, what seems “just a standard tax return” for one, is not for another. How much is the standard price for fixing a car? We always look under the hood first to know what issues we will face.

A few informational points you should consider...

Our mission statement is:

We strive to ensure that every client who works with us becomes more wealthy because of it” - but not everyone cares about that, - we know that.

WE HAVE TO LOOK AT IT BEFORE WE CAN PRICE IT - it is the only fair way. Some claim you can call, but they often just prepare you for the ole' "Bait & Switch".

The Tax Guy may not really be that important - (Yes - he really said that)

If you are really just shopping for price, and you know you have no investment, business, inheritance issues, real estate questions or other tax problems, - and likely never will, you don’t really need a full time tax pro – maybe a CPA who keeps books during the year and moonlights during tax season, or any tax prepararer who keeps up now and then will likely do just fine. I would be very disappointed in myself if after 40 years in business, my clients insisted that my fees must be the lowest in my profession.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to get your taxes prepared, (this is not meant to be a slight, I know this is often the case - and I don't blame you) we have a few ideas for you because you very likely don't even need me. Sometimes there is nothing more I can do that a first year accounting graduate, or even a part timer at one of the big national chains couldn't handle.

The lowest prices are usually offered by part-timers who do other things in the "off season". Taxes are like any other trade or profession; the unlicensed and inexperienced usually offer the lowest prices. Will they be there later if you need them?  Will they know what you can do to save taxes? Maybe they will. This can work out just fine much of the time as not all tax situations require extensive experience, in fact most do not.

Don’t forget you can also do your taxes for free (or nearly free) with many accurate on-line tax software programs. They work fine too.

Click the link below and you can check out their cost and ratings:

I encourage and help my business clients to be as profitable as possible. I follow my own advice. My business plan was never to strive to earn the least amount of money per tax return prepared, but it has always been to be one of the best. Maybe you appreciate honesty.

We no longer actively seek new tax clients, however we do accept some, but only those who we believe can benefit from our service. We are not really interested in clients who can use less professional or even free services and do just fine. You might be surprised by the number of people I suggest they do it themselves because their situation is not complex - I even coach them some to get it done.

If you want a price because you believe you need more than a part-timer, I will have to see it. Two ways to do this: either come to my office in Milton or Perdido Bay - about 10 minutes – or you could PDF me a copy of your previous tax return(s) noting any changes you incurred. It is the only way to price it right. You will not get an estimate, you will get an exact cost. 

All this said, we offer reasonable fees and excellent service, and a very thorough completed package (the prettiest in town) - which will be the envy of all your friends.

Call the office (850-665-3666) or email if you want to schedule a time for me to look at it – about ten minutes is usually enough for me.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Good luck to you and may your tax liability be light...


Christopher M. Barra, MS, EA