Covid 19 Remote Tax Prep


This notice primarily for BOSTON AREA CLIENTS

The lock downs and restrictions have dictated new ways of social interacting, educating, recreating and doing business, including tax preparation. None of us like it, but we do what we have to do.

Our Pensacola and Milton Florida Offices will be open full time as usual. No changes in Florida... but if Florida clients who normally come in for personal interviews prefer remote tax prep, you are welcome to do so.

I am still very much actively in business. I am NOT RETIRING any time soon. My hatred of taxation runs deep and I will continue to do whatever I can to help you avoid paying more tax than absolutely necessary. I am available to prepare your tax return almost any time you want. We will circumvent these restrictions through our brilliance and creativity.

There is no question that we are forced to do certain things differently until sanity returns. I will not be able to be in Massachusetts in 2021 because of the restrictions imposed. It is folly for me to wait and hope things might get better. If we have to be locked down, obviously we can’t visit. This can inconvenience us, but it can’t stop us.

Smart people find ways.

We can handle all of your tax issues without personally meeting in 2021, and, as many have,  you may even find it easier.

Many clients have recently decided that they wanted to prepare their taxes remotely, because it wasn’t possible to get out to see me. Some because of the restrictions, and others because of the fear of contracting this flu. The result? Everyone got their taxes done anyway, and I just prepared more tax returns remotely than ever before.

It isn’t difficult – in fact many believe it is easier. Some found that they would rather not have to get into their car, bring their info to me, look at my ugly face, and get bad news (sometimes). This could be the silver lining to this flu-cloud, as many have found that they prefer to do taxes without leaving their home.

Preparing taxes remotely does not mean that we don’t speak. Of course we have to talk some as always. The personal interaction of tax prep and planning is very important. I have a working telephone, (several actually) and also do video conferences.

BOSTON AREA PLAN: This year, I will have to do taxes remotely for my Boston area clients (unless you want a great vacation and come to Pensacola and see me personally while you are here). You can fax or e-mail information to me; or I will prepare for you a clear and simple listing of what you have been previously doing, and you can just put your documents in the self-addressed / postage-paid envelope I provide for you, and return it to me. I can also send you the same info pertaining to your particular situation in an e-mail or a fax. I do not need any original documentation. You can send copies, faxes, or scan and e-mail any paperwork.

It is rare that I prepare any tax returns without personally speaking to my clients, so whether it is e-mail, phone or video, we will have some kind of personal contact. E-mail can work well for most issues, but there are some things I would not place on an e-mail, so we will most likely have at least one phone or video appointment.

Here is how it works:

        I send you your personal list of information to gather. (either E-mail or snail-mail with postage paid return


        When you are ready, you can send me the information e-mail, fax or USPS.

        I start with the information I have.

        We have a talk on the phone (or video) for as long as it takes (just like my office).

        We finish the tax return, and you receive your pretty copies in the mail as always.


If you need a PDF copy sooner, I can do that too.

We can get your taxes done with little difficulty. In addition, we are not limited by my time in Boston, so you can do it any time.

I can send you information e-mail or USPS. Let me know which you prefer.

Call me at 617-770-3096 / 850-665-3666

e-mail chris @


Fax - 850-665-3707

I can send you information listing e-mail or USPS. Let me know which you prefer.

I have been doing tax returns remotely for many years. I have clients in foreign countries, as well as many states which I never visit. Preparing taxes remotely is nothing new for me. I do realize that it may be new for you, and I want to make it as easy as possible.




Christopher M. Barra, M.S., EA

Barra Tax Service