Taxation: IRS Scam

A public service announcement from Barra Tax Service:

IRS Scammers

There have been a number of people terrified by IRS Scammers lately. Here is how the scam goes: You get a call from a fake IRS agent, who offers a phony agent number and name. They inform you that you owe money and better pay up or go to jail. Remember this: THE IRS DOES NOT CALL AND THEY WON'T EMAIL YOU


Send a letter - letting you know they have a question.

Then another letter - wondering why you didn't respond.

Then a third letter saying they mean business... or else...

Then another letter threatening seizure of your accounts.

Then another telling you that they meant what they said.

If you ignore them this long, then maybe they seize your accounts. THEY DON'T CALL YOU If you get a threatening call from someone who claims to be from the IRS, tell them you have their number and are reporting them to the fraud division of your police department and the FBI. AND THEN DO IT - THIS IS EXTORTION.

If you receive a legitimate correspondence from the IRS - a letter - call us. We know how to deal with them.