Boston Schedule

2019 Boston Massachusetts Schedule


Monday, February 11th through Sunday, February 24th


Thursday, March 14th through Tuesday, March 26th


Appointments available on weekends too - Saturdays and Sundays are open.


The 2019 Boston schedule will be about the same as it always is. Two weeks in February and two more in March. We can also do any tax return remotely if you like, so I do not have to be in town for you to have your taxes completed. This is the 21st century, we have many ways to communicate.

I will have my first appointments starting on Monday, February 11 and continue through, Sunday February 24 for the first leg of my annual pilgrimage to the north. I am available on both Saturdays and Sundays for your convenience.

In March I will be in town again from the 14th until the 26th. I have found that April clients nearly all want extensions anyway, so as you may know we have been doing them from Florida for many years now.

Please contact me as soon as you know when a good time will be for you, and don't worry if it doesn't match the times I am physically in Boston, where there is a will, there is always a way.


Chris -